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Zen et Bien


“Before embarking onto a brand-new marketing experience with Xplore Digital, Zen&Bien paid search activity was completely underperforming. Thanks to their knowledge and on-demand touch Zen&Bien managed to reach tremendous goals”

Celine de Tadeo

About the company

Zen & Bien was founded in France at the end of 2008. Today, with more than ten years' experience and know-how in the field of employee services, ZEN & BIEN ENTREPRISE is the market's quality reference in terms of company concierge and associated services.     


The company features three main offers: in-company concierge services, which include the creation of spaces and facilities to ease workers’ lives; remote concierge services, which, thanks to the 24/7 service platform, can guarantee the same package of services for employees even remotely; and finally, car maintenance services, which, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, ensure continuous assistance thanks to the mobile application.      


With its variety of offers and its wide network of selected partnerships; with small and medium-sized enterprises and a variety of service providers, ZEN & BIEN is able to meet its customers' expectations and guarantee high-quality services at work, at home and on the go. 


Before engaging with Xplore Digital, ZEN&BIEN’s paid search activity was found to be under-performing considering its investments.  This was mainly due to misuse of the different GoogleAds functionalities. The main problems encountered were: 


1) Very low level of CTR and a conversion rate equal to zero; 

2) Wrong geographical segmentation; about 4% of the budget was allocated to an audience outside France; 

3) Poor use of Dynamic Search ads feature characterised by the mixed use of the same parameters as well as targeting options; 

4) The segmentation of the adgroups was assessed as sub-optimal due to the uneven use of keywords within the same adgroups; 

5) Finally, most of the targeted keywords had a “Broad Query” type or targeting, which, if wrongly used, could result in a high budget outlay. 

The objective

Our key objective was to implement a new and well-structured marketing campaign, leading ZEN&BIEN towards an optimisation of results, an increase in relevant leads and a rise in brand awareness. All this through a more correct use of the different functionalities and tools. 


We restructured existing campaigns and built completely new search campaigns by adding up-to- date features. We decided to rely on “Search Network Partners” for the new campaigns; the network is a collection of 'Search' sites that include a Google search in their browsers, and a small portion of well-targeted Display. The difference is that the possibility of a low CTR from this network does not influence the quality score of ZEN&BIEN’s keywords. The result is more expansive and friendly. We additionally split the search campaigns by CITY, this approach allowed us to easily separate traffic and make reporting very effective and granular. 


After assisting with tracking implementation, we leveraged the execution of conversion tracking code on the two existing websites making it clearer and more transparent. As we gained a better understanding of the quality of traffic and leads, we boosted high-performing keywords in order to grow leads and raise efficiency. 


Since increasing brand awareness was also a key objective for us, we worked on balancing efficiency with traffic growth by pushing impression share for highly competitive search terms and by starting new retargeting campaigns, focusing on separately on branding, competitors and audiences. 


In only 4 months:

Increment on visits
Leads increasing
Reduction on CPL

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