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Handi Zen


“We have been working with Xplore Digital for the last couple of months. We remain very impressed with their attitude, their service and the results they deliver”


About the company

Strong of their will, the creators of the Zen&Bien enterprise decided to expand their horizons founding a new company: HandiZen. The journey started in 2011 and, today, HandiZen represents the first adapted company concierge service in France with a team of 80% people with disabilities. 


The primary objective of Handi ZEN Conciergeries is to satisfy their customers' requests and provide a pleasant working environment for its employees with disabilities. To do so, Handi Zen provides an initial training of few weeks to make sure that the concierges they assign to companies are always comfortable with the business climate and if necessary, they provide an on-site tutor. 


Furthermore, HandiZen represents the first adapted conciergerie in France which enhances the value of workers with disabilities by continuously supporting them and one of the few companies to have full in-house services. Thanks to the combination of these valuable assets HandiZen is able to deliver to its customers high quality services. 


HandiZen approached our company having limited success with their website. The latter, lacked of engaging content, effective user experience, and efficient search positioning. More specifically, HandiZen pain points were: 

1) Website information hard to read and to find, visitors would not scroll on the webpages; 

2) Slowness of the website and landing pages; 

3) Lack of any type of user experience and social media connections; 

4) Bad Google positioning

5) Very high bounce rate. .

The objective

Our main objective was to turn HandiZen’s pain points into solid strengths by helping the company build a concrete web strategy and improve their website creating a top-notch user experience (UX), with the ultimate purpose of catching new leads. 


Through our UX website audit process, we identified the main shortcomings of HandiZen’s website and thanks to Google Analytics and Microsoft clarity we gained some useful insights about their users’ behaviour.  


In addition to that, we also studied the company’s users’ behaviour from a UX/UI perspective, trying to understand how intuitive and effective the navigation on the website was. The results emerged from our analysis showed that the company’s website was hard to read and users would give up at a certain point. 


To overcome this issue, we introduced new creative ways of making the website more appealing, intuitive and straightforward by replacing the old information with brand-new engaging content, by adding a blog section and by bringing in social media connections. Finally, to ensure a top-quality user experience and allow HandiZen to accompany its customers during their journey we made sure that all the information displayed were easy to find and we integrated a live chat bot which will support clients 24/7. 


In only 2 months  we have achieved the following results: :

Session duration from
0.57 min to 
Scroll banner home page from 33%
Bounce rate from 73.21% to 
Page viewed
from  1 to 

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