USPs for competitive advantage 

Our experts can help you develop a go-to-market (GTM) strategy by first and foremost, understanding and defining who your target market is.   

Then we build buyer personas and map customer journeys to create a virtual bridge between the value proposition of your new offering and the customer – ensuring that all marketing efforts purposefully cater to each stage of your sales funnel.  

We evaluate your current ‘game plan’, marketing goals and digital channels, then devise ways to attract attention for consumers at the top of the sales funnel.  Progressively, we ‘lower the veil’ and divulge more information for prospects who are further along the buyer journey - iteratively measuring our success so that tactics can be quickly fine-tuned or reworked.


Market intelligence

To know how to introduce a product to a market, we need to fully understand the market you’re entering. The best way to do that is to conduct market research and pose pertinent questions that will inform your messaging later on: 

  • Where does my product sit in terms of market introduction? 

  • Who are my competitors and how am I differentiating myself from them? 

  • What is the WIIFM for my customer?

Market segmentation

The findings from our market research determine who is most likely to purchase your product, solution or service.  The market segmentation phase takes our market research one step further to help us understand who the decision-makers are within that market, using that research to create buyer personas. 

Our experts are able to differentiate between your product development path, market development or market penetration path, and survey your existing customers to understand pain points and inform how you frame your value proposition.

Product messaging

The final component is all about the key value proposition.  Our experts will help develop your product messaging to stand out from your competitors and resonate with buyers by asking: 

  • How does your offer address the need in the market? 

  • What supports your claim that your solution will fulfil their need? 

  • Why should your target market believe you? 

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