6 Reasons to outsource your digital Marketing

Updated: Jan 27

1 - By working with us, you get it all!

We have all the skills modern digital marketing requires. If you were to do everything internally, you would need: Copywriters, designers, social media managers, data analyst, developers, growth hackers, media buyers, automation experts, strategy managers. Basically, that makes it impossible for SME to create high-quality digital marketing in-house .

2 - Growth hacking and marketing software are expensive

Digital marketing requires to use many different software on a daily basis, that means you need many subscriptions. From marketing automation to reporting, we use about ten software per customers. That is fine with us as we can spread the cost over all our customers; however, it would be very expensive for a single company as some of them start at £700 per month.

3 - Managers are even more expensive

With Xplore Digital, you do not have to worry about performance and who is going to manage your team, we do it for you. A good Head of Digital Marketing is about £800k per year + bonus.

4 - 30 days rolling contract

When hiring in-house or working with a marketing agency, you have no flexibility. Both solutions require long-term commitment. With us it is different, you can stop your contract at any time.

5 - Our reporting tells you the truth

Is your Digital Marketing Manager going to tell you the truth on statistics if they are underperforming? Will you be able to understand the truth behind all the digital marketing jargon?

Do you know what statistics you should be tracking? In our experience, it is too late to determine if the marketing person is not performing until the damage has been done.

6 - We understand data

When looking at your data, both quantitative and qualitative, we understand what they mean. Once we have understood them, we can convert them in good messaging to target your right target, at the right and on the right channel.

We understand that modern businesses need flexibility so that we will adapt our resources to your needs. A marketing department is on demand for as little as 1,000 euros a month.

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