Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The regular acquisition of new customers is a key activity for any company because, without it, the company would simply cease to exist. This is why management and the sales department are constantly looking for new ways and strategies to identify potentially interested new users.

Particularly at this stage, which is somewhere between an ongoing health emergency and a delicate period of recovery, it is essential that the business can rely on effective solutions to continue operating to the best of its ability. But how do you determine which of these solutions really work?

While every business needs to carefully assess its industry, market trends and available technologies to grow its business, in this guide we would like to offer some tips that we hope you will find interesting in identifying potential new customers.

Can viral marketing make a difference for SMEs?

Small companies and start-ups in particular need a special boost to promote their business. In this sense, viral marketing can be a great support. In fact, the purpose of this promotional strategy is to make a brand or product popular so that users themselves become promoters, bringing new potentially interested users to the company.

There are many ways in which viral marketing can be effective: word of mouth, inherent virality (encouraging a customer's friends to choose the same product), collaboration (virality generated by integrating a product or service with others), incentives, and so on.

The viral cycle is simple and effective in its operation: the product or brand strikes a certain user, who starts talking about it; his or her interlocutors are intrigued and start using the product; appreciating the solution, they restart the cycle from scratch.

In marketing, the result obtained from these actions is measured through a specific metric, called the "viral coefficient."

Content marketing, because content is always king

In this blog we have often talked about the importance for companies to regularly generate valuable content (informative, useful, effective for the reader). Despite the constant evolution of digital marketing trends, this principle is not likely to change. This means that, in order to find new customers, both large companies and small players will have to continue to write (or have written) and publish (or have published) content.

Tools that are now commonly used, including multimedia, will help to increase brand reputation and awareness, bringing the company new and very useful leads.

So make way for blogs and sector or regional magazines, informative guides, in-depth and premium content on the corporate website, infographics, video tutorials and much-appreciated downloadable content such as ebooks and whitepapers.

SEO: still a useful tool for finding new customers

Although SEO is nowadays synergistically integrated with the many tools available in digital marketing (e.g. inbound marketing), it remains a key tool for presiding over the web and getting noticed by new customers.

Organic positioning on search engines is particularly effective if your potential customers are searching on Google for your product or service, and especially if it is not you but, alas, your competitors that are appearing in the search results.

In this sense, relying on SEO professionals will allow you not only to write valuable content (i.e. the content marketing mentioned in the previous point), but also to convey it in such a way that the search engine considers it worthy of being placed in the top positions for specific queries.

Google Ads and Social Media Marketing: the investment that can bring rapid results

A good strategy for finding new customers is to intercept them on the web or on the main social platforms through specific paid advertising strategies.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn can all be great allies not only for specific promotions that need to be 'pushed' faster than you can achieve with SEO, but also if you want to advertise events or special offers.

Again, in order to optimise your budget and not blow it on users who are not actually looking for what you are proposing, our advice is to hire an experienced online campaign team.

Events, perhaps mixed with a bit of digital marketing

If you want to find new targeted customers and therefore perfectly in line with your ideal buyer persona, organising events - even small and niche ones - is potentially one of the most effective solutions.

The reason is simple: at a time like this, when everyone wants to gradually return to normality, it is difficult to overcome the excitement generated by an event - be it on the ground or even digital, as long as it is well organised. Whether online or offline, a well-thought-out event has a high potential for engagement and redemption, and creates fertile ground for public relations: it is therefore the perfect opportunity to forge new partnerships and alliances, perceive and analyse user sentiment, initiate new potential deals and, of course, raise awareness of what you offer.

When the event is supported with the right marketing strategies, especially digital marketing, it can bring sometimes unexpected results.

How do you choose the best way to find new customers?

The following are just some of the many approaches to finding new customers. Not all of them are necessarily good for your business and there may be other strategies you can use to achieve your goals.

That is why it is always essential to first carefully assess your actual possibilities in terms of:

· Commitment to strategy support

· Time

· Team dedicated to the project

· Type of target group you wish to reach

· Budget availability

This is the starting point for understanding which direction to go in.

Generally speaking, for us at Xplore Digital a creative approach and an "out of the box" mentality are always very valuable tools, allowing us to apply different promotional possibilities in a new way, depending on the business we are dealing with.

That's why we would love to hear more about your story, our team of international marketers will be glad to discuss this further. Contact us now!

We understand that modern businesses need flexibility so that we will adapt our resources to your needs. A marketing department is on demand for as little as 1,000 euros a month.

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