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SEO & social media marketing: two sides of the same coin

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Online visibility is crucial for businesses. Without a high ranking on the search engine result pages, your potential customers will struggle to find your business online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps search bots crawl your website and rank your content against global competitors. Adding the correct keywords, search terms, and links to your website can help your business to increase its visibility online.

Over time, Search Engines started to focus on the quality of content rather than the quantity. SEO efforts became no longer sufficient. An optimized website is good. However, if your business is not promoted in the correct way, having a business website is not particularly useful.

Social Media helps existing web content expand visibility. Today, you can no longer think of SEO and social media marketing as two separate strategies. They must be considered two sides of the same coin.

Two sides of the same coin

Content stuffed with keywords and missing valuable high-quality content for the users will no longer rank well.

Focus on valuable content for the user is as important as finding the right keywords. Only in this way, the search algorithm understands your content and your customers will be delighted with the value you deliver.

SEO and social media need to be integrated. You can't create content without sharing it on social media.

You cannot share content on social media without a website collecting all your content either. Instead, create a post on social media that links to the website blog article. In this way, you gain greater visibility.

Integrating SEO and social media

However, integrating social media management within your online (content) marketing strategy does not always link to improved rankings.

Google confirmed that social signals do not directly refer to the popularity of online channels as a ranking factor. Instead, it uses the combined use of various information found online about the entities that represent a brand, product, or service.

Despite this, there are several ways social media platforms can help websites increase their visitor volume.

Why integrate social media into a marketing strategy?

Being present on social networks has several advantages for your website content. Through optimal use of social media platforms, your company will have more:

  1. Engagement: increase the number of website users and add new consumers.

  2. Brand awareness: make your brand more appealing to a broader audience.

  3. Alignment between business goals and customer needs: align business goals and content strategy with audience needs.

  4. Advertisement: advertise your brand, promotions, products, and services.

  5. Customer loyalty is a direct channel for customer service that can increase customer loyalty.

Social media networks allow companies to interact with their customers and therefore represent a unique system for obtaining feedback and advice.

What are the major goals of social media marketing?

A successful social media marketing strategy should include specific goals:

  • Set up business Social Media Channels.

  • Promote activities to sell products and services.

  • Share existing website and blog content on your social channels.

  • Improve customer service and customer satisfaction.

  • Create long-term relationships with your target audience.

  • Obtain backlinks to receive a vote of confidence from one site to another.

  • Increase brand awareness & reputation.

  • Improve online visibility via branding activities.

How to boost Website Traffic?

SEO-marketing is

"Optimizing a website’s search engine performance and achieving top-ranking positions on the Google Search Engine Pages (SERP)."

Create a social media marketing strategy to connect the brand with the target audience. Make conversations and interactions with the users, who will turn into consumers. When set up and executed correctly, developing a relationship between the brand and the audience strengthens the connection of trust.

Adding the correct keywords will improve the search engine ranking pages. Social media can be a fantastic way to give projects an initial boost in website traffic and user engagement. It can provide website content with the attention it deserves from its target audience.

What are the benefits of a multichannel communication strategy?

Despite having different approaches and characteristics, SEO and social media help each other to improve website performance. These two strategies will increase your brand awareness, reputation, and authority. This is just one of the positive aspects of an integrated, multichannel communication strategy.

Social media and SEO work hand in hand. Combining both strategies in a multichannel communication strategy will give your business a competitive edge. These are the benefits of using a multichannel communication strategy:

Social Media helps SEO to:

  1. Increase visibility via brand awareness, reputation, and authority.

  2. Amplify the existing SEO strategy by driving more traffic to web pages (page SEO).

  3. Publish engaging content

  4. Promote content for multiple target audiences.

  5. Boost website visits: let users discover more of your brand on different pages.

  6. Provide valuable information to the target audience.

  7. Build strategic relationships with customers by partnering with industry experts and influencers.

  8. Increase link-building opportunities to create new links naturally.

SEO helps social media to: 

  1. Improve website performance

  2. Increase sales and business for all companies, regardless of size.

  3. Generate organic traffic

  4. Bring relevant traffic to the website

  5. Encourage conversations and customer interaction.

This helps to increase the website session (times spend on the website). It also will reduce the bounce rate (the moment a website visitor leaves the website).

Google uses these two metrics as key value indicators to sort out which content on the internet has the highest value. Consequently, such content will be ranked higher on its search engine pages.

How to optimize your business’s online presence on social networks?

Creating a multichannel communication strategy, in which both SEO and social media help each other can generate many benefits. It is therefore advisable not to neglect any strategy that improves the online brand and strengthens brand awareness. Yet how can you optimize your business’s online presence on Social Media Networks?

1. Analyse which social media channels your target audience prefers

Before you can set up social media communication channels, you need to know where your target audience is.

2. Set up one social media account first

Start setting up a social media account, where your target audience already is and focus on this one first. Be sure to make your channel unique to your brand with clear and precise communication. If this is getting results, you can scale to other social media accounts as well.

3. Improve Google results

Optimize your homepage and all the other pages available on your website and create a free Google My Business account. Also consider main keywords for search queries, local SEO, title tags and meta description. This will improve your search engine ranking easily.

From a user experience perspective, these elements increase the trust of people searching for the brand and maximize potential conversions.

4. Align the tone of voice in social media with company guidelines

A company profile on social media is not a personal account, but an extension of the company’s online brand. So, don't make the mistake to misuse social media by getting too personal. Instead, align the tone of voice in your social media channel with the existing company guidelines.

Make sure the social media profile is appealing to the target audience. Use textual and interactive media content that respects the core business values.

Communication must be integrated while focusing on the brand’s unique vision and mission. In addition, it should not detach itself too much from the communication style used on other channels.

However, it is necessary to point out that each social platform has its own rules and style. Write a concise text of a maximum of 140 characters for Twitter. Use mixed mediums resources for Facebook (Meta) and videos for Instagram.

The aim is to get your brand recognized and make it reliable and unique. This will help convert social media users become future customers.

Content sharing

One frequent mistake is not linking social accounts to the company’s website. Having a social media presence is of no use if it is not linked to your company's web pages. Adding a social media share button on your website will avoid this missed opportunity.

If you want to make life easier for your users, Social Media channels can help exploit word-of-mouth.

Connect all information and communication channels to develop an effective and complete multi-channel strategy. The objective is to increase brand awareness and reputation while increasing site visits and encouraging conversions.

Two strategies that work together to strengthen the site

SEO and social media are two communication strategies that work best when combined in a multichannel communication strategy. Applying effective SEO tactics and a productive social media presence will boost your website performance and make your business more profitable.

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