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Your International Marketing Team

Our vision


We are not a traditional marketing agency

We challenge the traditional marketing paradigm by offering on-demand marketing expertise that is nimble, cost-effective and accountable. We have a team of UK & EU-based experts to partner with you - using earned, owned and paid content to make your marketing investment work harder and smarter.


Our approach

At Xplore Digital, our mission is to make marketing excellence, accessible and affordable. For everyone.

We put your success ahead of our own – that’s why we tailor our business around helping yours, providing you with comprehensive, à la carte services and month-to-month contracts that reduce your costs but increase your resources and ROI.

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Our story

Our story

Xplore Digital was conceived in response to a rapidly changing global environment, but also born of a deeply-held belief that the marketing industry itself needed a shake-up.  Founders Sébastien Faelens and Cécile Loire believe that for too long, traditional marketing agencies have been over-charging and under-performing - without consequence or accountability.    

Sébastien Faelens

Master of marketing communications and innovative entrepreneur, Sebastien leads the strategic growth of the business. 

Cécile Loire

Senior marketer with a diverse and unique view of the industry, Cecile drives the business to deliver true client value and the very best results. 

Business Meeting

What our customers say about us

Camille Libosvar
Managing Director @
Pas a Pas UK

XD offer the whole range of marketing skills we needed, with the flexibility of a start-up. They are competent, pragmatic, and easy to do business with. In little over 3 months, they developed a good understanding of our business, helped us improve our messaging and built a brand-new website that we’re very proud of.

Emily Ellis
Marketing Manager @ Evoqua

Xplore is the most pro-active agency I've worked with and their enthusiasm is contagious! Everything they have produced for us, from blog posts to videos are really well researched and technically sound.

Celine de Tadeo
Operations Director @ Zen & Bien

Before embarking onto a brand-new marketing experience with Xplore Digital, Zen&Bien paid search activity was completely underperforming. Thanks to their knowledge and on-demand touch Zen&Bien managed to reach tremendous goals

Andrea Arnold
Marketing Director @ ChannelWorks

Cecile is clearly very experienced, and she has always been very professional, responsive and helpful. She loves what she does and it is apparent. She's built a great team of support for content, design, Google expertise, etc.

Who we work for

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