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Handi ZenWeb design


HandiZen approached us after having mixed success with their website. The website had mainly a loading and user experience problem, so visitors usually didn't go further than the home banner.


Then, there was too much text, so it was difficult to find information. Finally, the contact buttons were not highlighted so the site did not convert.


Zen et Bien. Paid ads


When we first approached with Zen&Bien, the company had a poor search activity and was highly underperforming considering its investments. This, was mainly due to a misuse of the different GoogleAds functionalities.


After our intervention and following our recommendations, Zen&Bien managed to register twice as many visits and tripled the number of leads submissions.

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New marketplace.

From brand story to promotion

As a new born business, the client lacked of a clear and well-established marketing pathway. With that in mind the Xplore team focused on the creation of a brand story and strategy with the mission of differentiating from the already existing proposals and stand out from the crowd.


Jewelry brand.

From brand story to promotion

When we first engaged with the company, it had predominatly worked as a wholesale jewellery manufacturer for other brands around the world, but then decided to establish themselves as new-born brand. The Xplore team guided the company through their whole rebranding journey, implenting top-notch ideas and  solutions.


Large manufacturer.

Content strategy & creation

As a technical, engineering-based business, the company was very focused on the development and sales of its  products and solutions into key market sectors.  And although successful, the Xplore team  knew there was more growth to be had.  Once the missing resources were identified, it was all smoth sailing!


International IT provider.

Marketing strategy, content, paid ads & web design

As a company with a high global reach, Xplore was firstly appointed  to assist and guide them through their marketing journey but thanks to our expertise  that quickly grew into a fully-fledged partnership supporting not only the marketing team, but the digital team and executive management team as well; enabling the client to acquire a multitude of benefits.


Hardware broker.

Website, content strategy & creation

When first approached,  the customer was struggling to get cut through with external marketing, or to generate new customer leads. The Xplore team worked around the clock to build tailor-made solutions and approaches that would resonate with customers and generate prospect leads.


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