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4.Employer branding

Atract and retain top talent

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, a positive employer brand is critical. Without one, hiring and retaining the best employees becomes challenging and costly. You need talented workers to drive your business forward, and the best way to find them is to cast the impression that your company is a great place to work.​


As with all branding, crafting a strong employer brand is about good storytelling. It’s about how you want your organization to be perceived in the marketplace, using specific messaging. But also, it’s about living out that story.


Employer branding

It’s not just about making you stand out from the crowd. It’s about defining who you are and what you stand for. That’s where we start. We’ll spend time finding out what makes you tick, and we’ll find out what the target audience thinks. Once we’ve finalised your proposition, we’ll bring you to life.

After defining our strategy with you, we’ll go on to develop your brand. That might be through an award-winning digital campaign, or an experiential solution or film. Either way, it’ll feel like you. And it might challenge what’s gone before. Because we’re all focused on one thing – compelling the right people to join you, and stay.

Internal communications

Digital has revolutionised the way people consume information outside of work — and it's time for employers to catch up. Done well, internal communication has the potential to improve employees' digital experience, drive productivity and influence customer experience.

As organisations wake up to the need to improve their their digital workplace and rethink their internal communications in a hybrid working context, they have an opportunity to re-imagine how they will engage their people in the decade to come.

Employer brand promotion

Employer brands are all about reputation – every organisation has one, but an employer brand will bring to life all the things that make you special – your vision, your people, your culture. And by elevating your organisation above the rest,  you can attract the attention of the people you really want to reach, with the right message in the right channel at the right time.

We do research. We draw up a long-term plan and develop a communication strategy. We determine what our audience needs, in which channels and why. We make up a creative shell and implement it on relevant advertising media.

Career sites

All successful company should be utilising their career site to project a consistent brand and company image to prospective job seekers. In what is now a very competitive, candidate driven market the top talent can be very particular about whom they work for and a companies career site can often serve as a basis for their application decisions.


Candidates; especially the best ones crave information, they want to know about your company and it’s culture so they can make an informed decision and your Career Site is the best place for you to control this flow of information.



Before embarking onto a brand-new marketing experience with Xplore Digital, Zen&Bien paid search activity was completely underperforming. Thanks to their knowledge and on-demand touch Zen&Bien managed to reach tremendous goals

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Celine de Taddeo
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We are happy to share what we know, and can help you to develop expertise within your teams, or assume a partnership role for the longer term.

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