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4.Paid advertising

Qualified leads & conversion benchmarks

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Display advertising, pay-per-click and paid social media posts are some of the best – and quickest – ways to generate qualified leads and enhance conversion rates using data-based platforms. 


Our social experts know that highly-targeted and purposeful paid media can complement inbound marketing tactics as well as increase your organic B2B web traffic. 

Social platforms

Our team will audit, strategize and identify data-based opportunities for your brand.  We will use our intimate knowledge of B2B platforms to create multi-touchpoint campaigns that create and nurture prospects for your brand.  We will drive new user acquisition, and retain current customers through paid advertising to reach, educate, engage, and convert your targets. 

Programmatic display 

Making use of strong media partnerships, the latest technology, and awareness of the regulatory space, we’re able to reach new prospects in a 100% compliant process using automated paid media buying to boost reach and revenue.  

Search engine marketing

Our digital experts can promote your website simply by increasing your visibility through paid advertising. We will tweak your existing site content and architecture to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance visibility and PPC.

Media buying

We’ll develop multichannel campaigns to drive awareness, consideration, and ultimately convert your nurtured audiences. We negotiate and mediate this process for you, delivering a professional-grade media execution on-demand. 

Colleagues Working Together


Before embarking onto a brand-new marketing experience with Xplore Digital, Zen&Bien paid search activity was completely underperforming. Thanks to their knowledge and on-demand touch Zen&Bien managed to reach tremendous goals

Our customers say....

Celine de Taddeo
@ Zen & Bien

How we do it




​We spend time with your team and with your customers to really understand the lay of the land



Our team is quick off the mark to set up a  first phase of testing, analysis and optimisation. 


We are happy to share what we know, and can help you to develop expertise within your teams, or assume a partnership role for the longer term.

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