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The importance of Video Marketing for your business

Since Google bought YouTube in 2006, the popularity of videos has increased yearly. Ten years later, TikTok launched and rapidly created a global audience. The video platform also increased its first-time installs by almost four hundred per cent year-over-year, reaching 740 million users in 2021. Videos are becoming increasingly popular. This article explains therefore the importance of video for business.

Which types of videos exist in the market? What makes video marketing so important for businesses? And how can a company create a video marketing strategy that works well for its target audience?

What is marketing for video content?

Video marketing means

"Using videos for promoting and telling people about your product or service."

Videos can further be used to for example:

  1. increase brand awareness

  2. improve user engagement on social media

  3. reach a business target audience

  4. educate consumers and customers.

The importance of Video Marketing

According to research at Wyzowl, video has been one of the most important trends in marketing in the last decade. In 2022, audiences spend an average of 19 hours a week watching videos online. Ignoring video is therefore no longer an option for companies who want to thrive.

There is no doubt that corporate videos have become extremely popular:

86% of businesses use video as a tool for marketing.

Video Marketing Benefits

There are a couple of solid reasons why video marketing has become so important:

  1. Video marketing encourages social shares. It is the second most popular content type on social media for increasing engagement.

  2. Video marketing helps to remember your brand identity. Creating a video about your company shows your prospects and customers who you are.

  3. Video marketing improves Google results. Video content improves search engine rankings.

  4. Video marketing generated added value for a company. It helps achieve business goals.

  5. Video marketing can build trust. It is a fantastic way to connect with the target audience.

  6. Video marketing does improve SEO. Adding a video on a landing page increases the quality and time spent on the website.

  7. Mobile users are a driving force for video marketing consumption.

  8. Video marketing helps marketers generate more leads. Video can be a versatile tool for the entire customer journey lifecycle.

  9. Video marketing is great for educating customers. Prospects and customers can search for a specific video for questions about a product feature, service aspect, pricing, or function.

Videos can offer value, relevance, and flexibility to consumers' and customers' demands.

Types of Video Marketing

Before filming a corporate video, you need to know the most suitable videos for your business. There are many types to choose from:

  1. Product demo or app demo videos show how a product, app, or service works.

  2. Brand Videos explain the company’s vision and mission.

  3. Event videos are videos of conferences, fundraisers, interviews, presentations, and discussions.

  4. Expert interviews are videos with internal experts or industry thought leaders

  5. Explainer videos help your audience better understand why they need your product or service.

  6. Educational videos teach the audience how to do things or answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help buyers find answers.

  7. Product videos are videos that explain the products and services a company has.

  8. Video Ads are short advertisements in videos to help create brand awareness for a company.

  9. Social Media videos are videos placed on social media, such as Instagram videos or LinkedIn videos.

  10. Video case studies are case studies and customer social proof videos.

  11. Sales videos are selling the products or services a company offers.

  12. Teaser videos are short videos to make prospects consumers and customers curious.

  13. Onboarding customer videos are to help customers use a product or service after the purchase.

  14. Onboarding new hire videos help new hires get started in their new job.

  15. Animated videos are creative videos (design, drawing, illustrations) to explain abstract services or products in a visual way.

  16. Webinars are live videos that educate potential and existing customers about current trends and issues in the industry.

  17. Virtual reality videos are a company presentation in a view of 360 degrees.

Video Marketing Strategy

Video is a great marketing tool to create brand awareness. Choose video as one of the possible types of marketing for your general content marketing strategy. A video marketing strategy can also drive conversions and sales if done correctly.

Video is within reach for businesses of any team size, and budget. To succeed, your business needs a solid video marketing strategy.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you know which kinds of videos serve your company's brand best.

  • Add a call to action to get consumers and customers interested in your company brand.

  • Consider the view count or the number of views the video receives to measure your video strategy.

  • Creating video content for your brand requires creativity, innovation, and resources.

Do you need help with setting up and executing a video marketing strategy for your company business? Contact the Xplore Digital team for expert help.


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