How to create the perfect B2B buyer persona in 2020?

Updated: Jan 27

Do you know your target customer's job title, job description, day to day activities, issues, pain points and motivations? Do you know their company industry, company size, how many people they manage, their budget...?

Understanding your Ideal Target will help you to communicate efficiently with them, but most importantly, it will help you to connect with them. OK, I can see you coming and no, it does not matter what the name of their children are, if they live in a house or a flat, if they are vegan or not (Unless you market meat!) ...

Once you would have created a realistic buyer persona, you will be able to target your audience better.

Better targeting your audience also means that you will be able to adapt your content to their liking, and their pain points. That also means you will be able to generate more qualified leads. In today's world, more qualified leads mean more prospects for your sales team and more revenue for your company, so a happy CEO which is good for everybody!

Nowadays (Thanks to technology!) it is relatively easy to create an excellent B2B buyer persona. You just need to ask yourself the following questions.

1. What is my ideal customer's job title?

In reality, we do not really care about the exact job title (Unless you have a very small market but that is another issue), what we need to know here, is the seniority level, are they a manager, are they the decision-maker, do they manage the budget?

By understanding that, you will also understand more about their:

- Education level

- Professional background

- Skills

- Abilities

- Team structure

Which means you will be able to communicate with them in their languages. And by that mean I do not mean in English, French, German or Italian, I mean with their own words.

2. What does a day in their life looks like?

Here we don't want to know what they have for breakfast, if they take a shower in the morning or evening... We need more useful information like:

Which social media do they use?

Where do they get their news?

Are they a member of any groups on social media or professional association?

Are they rushing all day to get the job done?

Are they understaffed?

Do they spend their days in meetings?

What kind of content do they consume?

3. What are their demographics and firmographics?

We need to know a little about their demographics to understand a bit more what they are interested in and also how to talk to them.

How old are your customers?

What kind of education do they have?

We also need information about their business

Information about their organization is critical.

What industry are they in?

What is the company size? Company location?

What is the department goal?

4. What pain points and challenges do your customers have?

So that is a basic, in 2020 to sell something to someone you need to help them resolve a problem so it helps to know the problem.

Do they have a tight budget?

Do they have enough resources?

Is time very precious?

Are they a leader in their industry?

Why would they search for a solution?

What can I do for them?

How frustrated are they?

5. What's the benefit of buying your product?

Now you know what their problem is, you need to make sure your product will help them otherwise that will not work.

Will you increase quality or efficiency?

Will you make their life easier?

Can you quantify the return they will make with your product?

Can you tell how much you are going to save them per year?

6. What common barriers to purchase, can you see?

What is the decision process when they buy your products? The more complex and expensive your product is, the more complex the process will be.

So to have the full picture, you need to consider few things like

How many decision-makers?

Who has the final say?

Who pays for it!

What does the senior management team think?

7. What are the decision criteria?

By knowing that, you will be able to position your offer in an appealing way for your buyer persona. You will be able to send them the right message at the right time.

Unique features or benefits

Perceived urgency by customers

8. Where are your ideal customers active online?

That will help you to answer some of the above questions as you will be able to find some answers to your question.

If you struggle with your persona, feel free to give me a shoot! We can have a 30 minutes chat about it -

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