Why webinars?

The Internet offers new possibilities to those who want to experiment and interact effectively with their target audience: webinars are one of them.

Due to the recent health crisis, this format has made headlines, but what is it really about and how can it be used for training and business?

A webinar is an online meeting or presentation held via Internet in real time, an online event that can connect people from all over the world. This feature of, breaking down physical barriers and connecting people in a simple and immediate way, makes it an effective marketing tool and also an essential communication channel.

The main characteristic of live webinars is the interactivity and the ability to discuss, send and receive information in real time, thanks to the possibility to share the screen, to record the speeches for later review, to intervene with chat questions and to create virtual boards where you can explain concepts and showcase content.

Another advantage which companies should not underestimate is the cost control and minimal organisational effort. There is no longer any need to invest budget and time in renting locations, choosing catering and organising transfers. Holding a conference is as easy as clicking a mouse, all you need to do is choose the right platform and invite the most suitable audience.

Thanks to this ease of access, webinars manage to gather many if not more people than a physical event: therefore, alongside a lower organisational cost/effort, it also brings more people to the event. In addition, webinars lead to greater interaction, because they give even the shyest of guests the chance to ask questions remotely, perhaps with the camera switched off!

Usually online webinars offer training on a particular topic or theme, but there are many communication needs that can be handled in a webinar format, such as:

  • Training speeches and distance learning

  • Press conferences with journalists

  • New product presentations

  • Presentation of market research results and industry analysis

  • Practical workshops and interactive labs

Finally, if you are still pondering the decision of integrating webinars to your digital toolkit, you should take into account, that today, 87% of business use video as a marketing tool and webinars are one of the most effective ways to capitalise on the video craze. Moreover, 81% of those businesses claim that webinars helped them lift up their brand awareness, acquire new leads, and last but not least increase sales.

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